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‚ÄčAbout Wego Property Management - Atlanta

Wego Property Management is owned and operated by individuals who have been in the industry for over 20 years. We have seen and understand the industry changes and have been able to establish ourselves as innovate thinkers within the market. We understand that many companies have had to shift their focus to maximize revenue streams in areas of real estate that are unfamiliar to them. With our clients inability to sell due to market down turn, Wego understood the need and established company to address their wants, protect their assets, and maximize their revenue flows until market conditions are favorable. Wego is or has dealt with several banks, large investment firms, government institutions, as well as small investors, understanding each of their unique needs and has developed a strategic plan to help each achieve their specific goals.

Wego Property Management understands that each of our clients has specific needs and we will implement a strategic plan to oversee a client’s portfolio and make it easy to understand in the most cost effective way possible. Our software will allow your account manager to view all of your statements, leases, inspections, invoices and ledgers, online at any time. Our landlord services, marketing, and tenant loyalty is unparalleled in the industry. Wego maintains great relationships with your tenants through communication of their expectations and quick resolution thus benefiting the client. We understand that tenant satisfaction is a key requirement for success because they will take care of your property, renew leases, and leave you with no property vacancy thus maximizing your overall profits. There are no hidden junk fees and all fees are communicated up front so you know how to project your revenue stream accurately. We are a full service management company dedicated to your success.


Why choose WEGO over traditional management firms?

In the small to mid-sized market there are a wide range of companies offering management solutions. We understand it can be difficult to select the best solution when it seems all management firms are promising the same thing. Luckily there is a telling aspect of companies that even the best sales person cannot affect: reputation. Based on the experiences of the investors and associations that have come before you, the industry reputation and track record of a company will show if the firm produces consistent results as promised or if they are simply "selling" a solution without the ability to make their clients truly successful.

With the cost of making a mistake so high, it is critical that investors and landlords select a proven, reputable partner. Even if you do not select WEGO as your provider, do your homework!  Read online reviews and talk to other companies in the industry to make sure you are selecting a firm that maintains a consistently satisfied client base. You will quickly find that there are drastic differences in client satisfaction and performance across the management industry.

At WEGO, not only have we made client satisfaction our top priority, we prove it by offering the industry's first no-term contract. We do not believe in forcing our clients to utilize our services by relying on legal paperwork. We are proud to say that each and every client in the WEGO family remains with us by choice. We prove our value every month by producing measurable results and the industry's top customer support.

Reasons WEGO leads the way in residential rental homes, apartment complexes and condominium management

  • Our solution is specifically designed for small to midsized investors, investor firms and condo complexes
  • The services and resources you need with none of the expensive "extras" you don't
  • Unparalleled service and support
  • Associations are not required to use our maintenance and repair services
  • Guaranteed lowest fees; we will always meet or beat any competitor's offer



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