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Tricks to Keep the House Cool in the Summer

by Wego Property Management

Keeping your Atlanta house cool in the summer, without constantly running your A/C, can save lots of money on your power bill and it will also reduce wear on your HVAC unit.  Below are a list of tricks that will really help out when the Atlanta heat is on.  This will not only help out a home owner, but also a tenant in a rental property.

-Closing off doors to rooms during the day.  At night, make sure you open them to keep the cooler air circulating.

-Keep your windows covered.  Closing blinds, or curtains can save lots of energy and keep the house cooler.  Much of the unwanted outside heat will come in through the windows in your home.

-Change your sheets in the spring to cotton sheets.  These will be a lot cooler to sleep with at night due to the air flow they allow.

-Adjust your ceiling fans.  Set them to the counter clockwise position in the summer.  This will draw the hot air up and the cooler air down.

-Use your exhaust vents and bathroom fans.  While taking a shower, make sure you are using the fan in the bathroom to pull the hot steamy air out.  Also, when cooking in the kitchen, be sure to use the kitchen exhaust fan.

-Stop using the oven while cooking and get out and grill.  Turning your oven on in the kitchen in the summer will only heat up your house.  Grilling will eliminate that heat increase.

I hope this helps and if you need Property management services for your rental property,  please be sure to contact WEGO Property Management to find out about our services.  We manage properties through out metro Atlanta, including Peachtree City, Brookhaven, Marietta, Stockbridge, Buckhead, McDonough, etc....

Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Expo is Coming in the Fall

by Wego Property Management

The 33rd Annual Fall Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Living Expo will be back in Atlanta at the Cobb Galleria from Sept. 9-11, 2016.  This can be a wonderful place for homeowners to find great ideas for their home.  You will also be able to speak to many different companies, from heating and air specialists, to  remodeling specialist, to roofing contractors, to appliance companies, etc....

Property management companies, which deal with rentals, will also be able to benefit from this, through interaction between homeowners, vendors, and contractors.  These contractors will be ale to service all areas of Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are looking for new ideas to spruce up your home, or you are looking for new maintenance tech companies, this is the place to be.  Put it on your calendar, and you will not regret going.

Summer Festivals and Events Around Atlanta

by Wego Property Management

Hot Southern summers are no match for the city's seasonal festivities. Whether you'll be celebrating Independence Day with fireworks at Stone Mountain Park, soaking in culture at the National Black Arts Festival, or indulging in Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week, there is no shortage of ways to beat the heat.

Below are a few festivals that will be taking place in the Atlanta area soon:


Tunes from the Tombs at Historic Oakland Cemetery

Join the Historic Oakland Ceremony for our annual music festival to benefit the Historic Oakland Foundation, which helps manage the Cemetery. This year's concert features Grammy Award-winning band Arrested Development.


Atlanta Street Food and Music Fest

Enjoy delicious food and drinks from some of Atlanta’s best food trucks! More than 50 trucks come together in Stone Mountain Park for this festival, which also includes live music and wares from local merchants and artisans.


National Black Arts Festival

Experience the dance, film, theater and music, as well as visual and literary arts of Africa and the African Diaspora during the nation's only Black Arts Festival. For an entire week, this festival celebrates the contributions of people of African descent and their impact on world cultures. 


Having so many wonderful events and festivals throughout the Atlanta area, draws in potential home buyers and renters to the city.  If you are an investor and need a Property management company to help manage your property, please contact us at WEGO Property Management and we can take care of all your needs.

Events in Buckhead

by Wego Property Management

Buckhead Festivals & Events

Atlanta loves a festival, and so does Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. From winter to summer there are plenty of Buckhead festivals & events from which to choose!

The Buckhead Springs Arts & Craft Festival sets up shop on Park Drive at Chastain Park and features 175 arts and artisans as well as live music, a children's area, food and drink and lots more. More than 25,000 visitors attend each year – don't be left out. Admission is free, and pets are welcome.

The Buckhead Beer and Wine Festival is the place to go for tasting craft beer, fine wine and food truck cuisine. With live music, this festival takes place in Pharr Road's Lindbergh Station.

Buckhead's  Andrews Entertainment District sponsors the Buckhead Wine Festival featuring live music, a silent auction and food seminars.

Not to be outdone by wine, the NovemBEER Fest rocks the  Buckhead Theatre with more than 100 beer offerings plus cider and wine. Expect live music and college football on flat screen TVs.

The Chastain Park Arts Festival is a unique art festival designed by artists. More than 150 artists from around the country display their art at Chastain Park. Admission is free, and proceeds from the festival are donated to charity.

And that's just to name a few of the annual Buckhead arts festivals. Check out the  What's Hot Event Calendar to search for additional festivals and events in and around Buckhead.

These events draw a lot of people to the Buckhead area of Atlanta and once they visit, they don't want to leave.  If you are interested in Renting out a home in the Buckhead area, please contact WEGO Property management at 770-771-5300 and we would love to help you out.  Also, if you own a home in the Buckhead area, and would like to have a property Management company manage it as a rental property, please contact us as well.

Investment Opportunity in Grant Park

by Wego Property Management

Are you an investor looking for an up and coming area to purchase homes in.  Try looking into the Grant Park community.  Grant Park is the oldest City park in Atlanta, and is home to the Atlanta Zoo, Oakland Cemetery, and many festivals and events.  The homes in Grant Park mainly consist of  Queen Anne style homes, Craftsman bungalows, and other Victorian era cottages.

There has now been news of a new $20 million adaptive reuse project for Grant Park.  This will include a new dining and entertainment district, which will increase the value of the surrounding area and all the homes in the park.  This will also intertwine with the Atlanta Beltlines Southside Trail project and also the Boulevard Heights area. 

With the real estate market booming and plenty of people wanting to rent houses in this community, there will be plenty of great investments available to come.  Both Property management companies and investors really need to take a good look at this area and the potential that is still left in this already vibrant and popular community.


Questioning why a Property Management Company is Helpful?

by Wego Property Management

Here is a list of helpful questions you should ask yourself and consider, before you try to tackle managing a property on your own:

1.  Do you have the time that it takes to manage a property? 

  • Managing a property can be very time consuming and a property manager has to be available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, to handle any issues and questions that may arise.

2.  Do you feel like you are qualified to handle this job?

  • Property management companies use licensed real estate agents to construct valid leases, use accountants to handle the bookkeeping, marketing specialists to properly market your property, and certified maintenance technicians to handle any repairs needed.

3.  Are you aware of the risks involved with even minor mistakes you may make along the way?

  • There are a wide variety of risks involved in the industry, from not properly researching a tenant you place, to using a faulty lease, to neglecting emergency maintenance situations.  These, along with many other risky encounters, can lead to very high risk situations.

4.  Do you have any knowledgeable of this industry and know it's in's and out's?

  • Lack of knowledge of the industry can lead to not only lost income and damage to the property, but it can also lead to legal issues. Knowledge is everything.

5.  Are you even remotely near the property you are planning on managing?

  • Being in close proximity to the property you are managing is essential. 

6. Are you really sure that this is something you want to take on, without help?

  • There are so many moving parts within a property management company and taking on a task like this can be very time consuming, stressful, and costly.  For the low cost of using a property management company, it is well worth it.

Managing a property takes a lot of time, experience, knowledge.  A good property management company, such as WEGO Property Management, will take care of all these intricacies of the business, while you can relax and know that everything is ok.  WEGO specializes in residential property management in the Atlanta area, including, but not limited to: McDonough, Stockbridge, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Brookhaven, Marietta and all of the metro Atlanta area. 

Before you take on such a demanding job as this, we highly recommend you at least reach out to a few management companies to find the one that you feel comfortable with and can entrust your investment.  Here at WEGO Property Management, we will run your rental property like a business, because that is what it is.  You can reach us at 678-578-5981.

Identifying Potential Leasing Scams

by Wego Property Management

Identifying potential Leasing Scams


We are seeing more and more leasing scams in the Property management industry and potential tenants really need to become more aware of what to look for and some early signs of fraudulent leasing activity.  This has become prevalent throughout the US, but even areas like McDonough, Peachtree City, Buckhead, Fayetteville, and Alpharetta have all been hit by these scams.

Common Scams:

Scamming tenants has been an ongoing issue for a long time; however, with the introduction of both the internet and the huge foreclosure boom, many new scams have arisen.  One common example of this involves criminals copying legitimate housing ads or apartment ads off of the internet and re-posting them with their own contact information and editing some of the rental prices.  Many of these people will generally say they are not able to show the property in the next few days, but to go ahead and send them the application and the application fees, and the client will never hear from the scammer again.  This criminal will now have made out with fees and more importantly, someone else’s social security #, and another personal info. 

Other scams involve a foreclosed house being set up as a property available for rent.  A criminal will pose as the property owner or landlord, show the house to the victim, and approve them for it.  The client will have provided them with all their personal information such as social security #, date of birth current address, copy of ID, etc… for  the application process, as well as the security deposit, and the first month rent.  After that, they will never hear from the criminal again. 

These are just a few basic examples of the many, many various scams and tricks that criminals are doing to fake out potential tenants needing somewhere to live. People looking to rent out a property need to learn some basic signs to look out for and many of these are listed below.

How a potential tenant can avoid these scams:

  1. Pay close attention to the ad you are looking at.  Make sure you see a clear address to the property, make sure the price is not too good to be true, and make sure you note down any contact information about the landlord.  Do some research on the landlord or the management company listed as the landlord.  You should be able to find some Google reviews, or a website, for any legit company.   Renting through a legit property management company, such as WEGO Property Management,  will always be the best way to go. 
  2. When you are dealing with someone, find out what payment types they accept.  Never ever deal in cash. I would also avoid using wire transfers as well.  I would recommend certified funds that can be tracked very easily.  If the landlord does not accept that payment type and only wants cash, this should be a huge red flag!
  3. Try to always meet with the landlord in person prior to submitting your application.  Many scammers are not willing to meet with you up front and try to rent out “sight un seen”.  Also be on the lookout for high pressure sales tactics by the landlord or their agent.  These may include the supposed landlord telling you that you have to hand over the first month rent on the spot, prior to filling out an application.  If you are dealing with a legit landlord, they will want to at least run a credit check or rental history check, prior to making any agreement to rent out to you.
  4. Once you are approved and agree to move in, make sure you always get a written lease and also make sure you read over it entirely. Be sure to look for the landlord’s information and /or the agent’s information on the lease.  Also make sure you read over the move in inspection to verify they listed any and all imperfections at the property.  This will prevent you from being liable for them at move out.


Atlanta has really been hit hard by this in the past few years, so if you have been scammed recently, please always contact the local police department about this and report it.  Also, report this to the site that you found the criminals information on, so they will take down their ads and try to track them.  You can also contact an attorney or a tenant’s rights agency to try to help out.

If you are in the market to find a rental property, I highly encourage you to either find a licensed real estate agent to help you this process, or if you are not going to do that, make sure you rent through a legit property management company, such as WEGO Management. Using these few key suggestions will definitely minimize the risk of your money and personal information ending up in the wrong persons hands.

Renting to Millennials

by Wego Property Management

There are approximately 83.1 million Americans that can be classified as millennials today, which make up over 27 million American households.  It is no wonder landlords are beginning tap into the millennials’ choice to continue Renting, as opposed to becoming  homeowners themselves.

Millennials have become the nation’s largest generation, even outnumbering the Baby Boomers. Despite there being a lot cheaper monthly payments to buy a home in most housing markets, this significant demographic continues to rent, and at a high price.

There are many reasons why millennials are choosing to rent homes in the Atlanta area, over buying them, and we have listed most of these below.

Home Ownership Qualifications

Since the recession, qualifying for a home loan has become increasingly difficulty causing many young millennials to continue renting. In order to qualify for a home loan, a potential buyer needs to have a good credit score, a large down payment and depending on the type of loan, this can be upwards of 20% of the purchase price, and a steady income.

Unfortunately, America has seen a decreasing median household income that has hit millennials hard. In fact, the average income for millennials has dropped between 5% and 15% since 2000, making it even harder to save for a large down payment to become a homeowner. In areas with thriving real estate markets such as the one seen in Buckhead, putting down a large enough down payment to own a home is not necessarily doable. Therefore, millennials continue to rent.

Labor Statistics

In addition to the stricter home loan requirements, the United States has experienced a huge population boom. Remember, millennials make up the nation’s largest generation. 

Because of this, our nation has approximately 28 million millennials competing for jobs, including the additional 24.5 million people over the age of 55 that are now in the work force as compared to the year 2000.

Because of this huge labor supply, demand for jobs has increased dramatically forcing younger, less experienced millennials to further their education in order to stay competitive in the labor market. This extra education equals lots and lots of student loan debt.

As of now, Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loans from the nearly 43 million borrowers. With the average loan amount owned being $35,000, the financial strain to make ends meet is forcing  millennials to reconsider home ownership. Not only do many millennials not qualify for a home loan because of their staggering debt, they simply cannot afford a down payment on a home. Once Again, millennials continue to be renters.

Changing Culture

It is estimated that one-fifth of all millennials still live at home with their parents. This means that many millennials are approaching the time to move out on their own. Renting a home will most likely be the first step in their independent lives. This trend is looking to be very promising for landlords, especially those with rental properties in the metro Atlanta area.

In addition to millennials living at home for longer then before,  marriage and child-bearing trends are evolving as well for this generation. The average ages to marry and have children have been put off for approximately 2 additional years, if not more. Since these two life events are often a precursor to home ownership, a delay in purchasing a home has definitely been the outcome of this trend. Thus, millennials continue to rent.

Rental Appeal

Though owning a home may show to be less expensive on paper, everyone is aware that the costs of home ownership do not end with a mortgage. In addition to the down payment and closing costs, there are several other costs to consider before making the leap from renting a home to owning one:

  • Additional homeowners insurance (otherwise known as Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI)
  • Property taxes
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Utilities
  • Homeowners Association Fees(if applicable)

For millennials already dealing with lots of student debt, as well as everyday debt that Americans tend to carry, these extra costs are not manageable despite an expected lower monthly mortgage payment when compared to renting.

In addition,landlords are catering to these young millennials more and more making their rental properties much more appealing than home ownership that comes with so much added cost. For instance, many communities with available rental properties offer:

  • Fitness centers
  • Pools
  • On-site maintenance
  • Large common areas for social gathering
  • Dog parks
  • Attached yards
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Covered parking or garages
  • Great locations within the city near shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment, such as rental properties in Brookhaven.

Millennials are drawn to the fact that though they might spend a bit more renting a property, the trade off is worth it for the included amenities leasing a home provides. Plus, not having to care for things such as maintenance and repairs, some utilities, and extras like gym memberships actually makes renting a home for longer the better choice financially. Thus, millennials continue to rent.

About Millennials

Just in case you wonder whether the stereotypes of most millenials hold true, such as the ones stating they are entitled, unable to hold jobs, fiscally irresponsible, or just plain lazy, remember that these are just stereotypes and do not always hold true.

When the Urban Land Institute conducted its research on what millennials wanted and why, they found that 84% of millennials had never once fallen behind on their rent payments, despite the rising costs. For 11% of them, it had only happened once or twice. And in the end, it was only 4% of sampled millennials that had actually been evicted for non-payments of their rent or other lease violations.

Leasing your home to anyone can be risky, however there are steps to cut this risk down tremendously. That is why a thorough tenant screening process, the use of GAR Lease Agreements, routine inspections, and more should be a consistent practice when you are leasing your property. Luckily for you, WEGO Property management does all of this and more when managing your Georgia rental properties, and they do it well.

If you are looking to rent your Metro Atlanta home, WEGO Property Management is here for all of your property management needs. And consider renting to the millennials that apply to lease your home. There are plenty of them to choose from and for the most part they have a good sense of what they want in life, and as far as how they want to live, renting is their top choice.

Urban Land Institute


Renters Insurance- General Facts

by Wego Property Management
Renters Insurance:  Genral Facts
There are two big myths about renters insurance. One is that it’s too expensive and the other is that it’s not needed.
Not having renters insurance is a pretty big gamble, considering that without it you face the cost of replacing your personal belongings after an event such as fire or theft. What’s more, you could face the prospect of defending yourself in a lawsuit because of some accident for which you might be held legally responsible, whether it happened where you live or elsewhere.
For example, in Atlanta, most tenants will be able to get renters insurance coverage for less than a couple hundred dollars a year and this will protect your valuables, like your furniture and clothes, from loss by fire, theft, wind and water damage or other covered hazards.
But many renters still don’t believe they need such insurance. A survey conducted by Cambridge Reports, Inc. for the Insurance Information Institute found that fewer than three out of every 10 renters purchase renters insurance.
Despite given the advice by most Property management companies, many renters mistakenly believe their landlord’s insurance will cover their own belongings. In fact, it would be extremely rare for a landlord’s policy to extend to tenants’ property.
To determine how much insurance coverage you’ll need, take a complete inventory of your personal items. An insurance agent can help with this by estimating the total value of your property.
You’ll also need to decide whether to opt for depreciated or limited replacement cost coverage.
Depreciated coverage is the cost to repair or replace your belongings minus depreciation. Let’s say you bought a quality sofa with an expected useful life of 10 years. If it’s now five years old and would cost about $1,000 to replace, you could expect to receive about $500 (less deductible) if your sofa was destroyed by fire. You would pay slightly more for limited replacement cost coverage, but you could expect to receive $1,000 for your sofa minus your deductible.
You should also keep in mind that insurance coverage for some types of personal property is limited in terms of dollars. Renters insurance also gives you personal legal liability coverage and medical payments to others who are accidentally injured while in your home, apartment or elsewhere if the injuries are caused by your actions. And, if you are forced to live elsewhere because of damage to your residence due to a covered loss, renters insurance covers additional living expenses.
Remember, you may not own the building in which you live, but you still need to have insurance to protect your property in the case of fire, theft or other hazards. Talk with your insurance agent for more information.
By Ann Sullivan, CLU
State Farm® agent

If you’re considering putting your home on the Atlanta rental market this Spring, which is a great time of year to do it, you will want to start getting your home ready.  One often overlooked area is the outside, when you consider sprucing up the home. With the official start of Spring just around the corner, it’s time to give some attention to the outside. In most cases, all you need is a just some basic upkeep, to make a big difference. Here are 5 steps to great curb appeal:

Curb Appeal Invites Great Tenants

We’ve seen the effect that the outdoor approach and presentation to the home has on getting a great tenant. Great curb appeal is a first impression that can set the tone for how the tenant views the rest of the home. If they feel a strong “Welcome Home!” invitation from the time they approach the home, they are much more favorable to Renting the property out and making it their new home. I’ve put together some basic tips for achieving great curb appeal for your home.

  1. Overgrown plants and shrubs can hint at a lack of maintenance or overall care for the home to many renters. Trim bushes and trees and put a layer of new mulch on beds. If you can’t plant some colorful flowers, put some potted flowers near the doorway. Colorful flowers are friendly and welcoming.

2. Renting a power washer for a day can take care of a lot of problems. Power washing mold and algae off of outdoor surfaces is important, as mold shouts deferred maintenance to most renters. Power wash dirt and/or oil build-up on driveways, walkways, porches, siding, and decks, which exudes a clean, sparkling home ready for move in.  You will also want to make sure the windows are clean, both inside and out. When showing your home, you want as much natural light as possible to enter. this will really open up the rooms and make the interior pop!

3. Make lawn and grass as full and manicured as possible. Start using a product any type of weed and feed product right away, so your lawn will be in great shape.  As always, make sure you read over he entire application instructions to let the product you use do its job to the fullest. And it may go without saying, but keep the lawn mowed and edged when you have your home listed on the rental market.

4. Make sure your house is easy to show. Put the lockbox in a prominent place and make sure walkways are clear of any debris. When you have a scheduled showing, make sure there is room in the driveway or front of house.  This will enable easier access to the property, and it will also help to show off all that hard work you did to give the property that great curb appeal.

5. Keep the entrance well-lit for those late evening showings. After you’ve spent all this effort on your curb appeal, you don’t want buyers to miss it in the dark. You also don’t want any accidents. Proper lighting will also deter any would be burglars from approaching your home. Inspect your entrance lighting, make sure they are angled correctly, and replace/repair if necessary.


Your outside presentation can be an important tool to lure in that perfect tenant.  This can often make a big difference in how a tenant views and cares for your home once they move in and it sets a standard of how they are expected to care for it in the future. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on any of these projects, in fact you probably shouldn’t. Just consider a little elbow grease as a good investment. Most of the outdoor sprucing can take place over a weekend. All of this effort will pay off when you grab a possible tenant's interest, even before they walk through the front door.  If you are unable to take care of these tasks, you may want to even contact your Property management company to get a quote from them. 


Make sure you don’t overdo anything, including paint colors, flowers, and outdoor furniture. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors, you just want to make them feel welcome. Welcome enough to want to make your home their home!

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