Keeping your Atlanta house cool in the summer, without constantly running your A/C, can save lots of money on your power bill and it will also reduce wear on your HVAC unit.  Below are a list of tricks that will really help out when the Atlanta heat is on.  This will not only help out a home owner, but also a tenant in a rental property.

-Closing off doors to rooms during the day.  At night, make sure you open them to keep the cooler air circulating.

-Keep your windows covered.  Closing blinds, or curtains can save lots of energy and keep the house cooler.  Much of the unwanted outside heat will come in through the windows in your home.

-Change your sheets in the spring to cotton sheets.  These will be a lot cooler to sleep with at night due to the air flow they allow.

-Adjust your ceiling fans.  Set them to the counter clockwise position in the summer.  This will draw the hot air up and the cooler air down.

-Use your exhaust vents and bathroom fans.  While taking a shower, make sure you are using the fan in the bathroom to pull the hot steamy air out.  Also, when cooking in the kitchen, be sure to use the kitchen exhaust fan.

-Stop using the oven while cooking and get out and grill.  Turning your oven on in the kitchen in the summer will only heat up your house.  Grilling will eliminate that heat increase.

I hope this helps and if you need Property management services for your rental property,  please be sure to contact WEGO Property Management to find out about our services.  We manage properties through out metro Atlanta, including Peachtree City, Brookhaven, Marietta, Stockbridge, Buckhead, McDonough, etc....